Distance Learning Program (DLP)

Sunshine Preschools & Daycare, brings Distance Learning as a possible and convenient option for preschool children. Sunshine always sets the bar higher than prevalent industry standards and while we are leaders in the preschool & corporate daycare segment, our latest offering, the Distance Learning Program (DLP), is poised to bring revolutionary changes in the way online classes are conducted for pre-schoolers in the country.

While Corporate Crèche Services remains our key business area, the DLP will add a crucial level of convenience for parents with children in the age group of 1 to 5 years. This will be a boon to all the parents, individual as well as corporate employees, who were always wanting to supplement their child’s normal schooling with an extra professional teaching support right at home.

Key unique factors of Sunshine DLP:

  1. Essential for Preschool Children, Teachers and Corporates
  2. Live, real time interactive sessions.
  3. A teacher to student ratio of 1:20
  4. Child has the option of visiting the nearest Center as per convenience
  5. Certificate awarded at the end of the year as in a normal school

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